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april fools party cheats Empty april fools party cheats

Post by mhd on Sat Mar 29, 2008 12:28 am

1.lighthouse is painted throw a snowball and see a colour will appear
2.iceberg is like we are in a pan which has water and some ice cubes!
3.wanna play a game go to mines entrance and play dot to dot of the building of mine entrance!
4.town its silly if you put your m,ouse on board it changes!
5.proppelor cap is at ski village and swirly glasses at cove
6.sigh you cant play snowball fights at snow forts i mean flags have got curvy and castles are half melted!so find another place to play snowball fights!
7.see the clock at snowforts its numbers andf days name is left going not right going!
8.dock has so much speed go there youll go fast but stop to times and then go
9.plaza has some balloons keep your cursor on them and they pop!
10.forest is most funny its all upside-down!
11.go to cove when you keep cursor on the big rock see it will go up and under it there would be a board saying happy april fools day when you not keep cursor on rock it will go down keep it again and youll see the board will be broken and it will be invisible in 1-2 seconds and rock will fall down
12.ski village has some trees going up and down keep your cursor on them there will be a board saying happy trees plus youve seen lift there instead of chairs their will be a spotted pant!
13.at skivillage see the lodge it black dust will cime in in circles!
14.winter sports(sport shop)will be made of paper when seeing from out side(ski village)same with pet shop and pizza parlor when seeing from inside and outside(PLAZA)
15.see inside from sport shop every normal coulor will turn dark blue!
16.at beach see at save the migrator stand there will be toothbrushes click on green one and it will come in sink on the stand
17.gift shop is like animated with light brown colour and no colour in it
18.coffee shop is like a kids ametur drawing!
19.see the dojo its sketched without colour and you can walk on walls and theres a giant pencil there!
well thats it this party is great! Very Happy

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april fools party cheats Empty Re: april fools party cheats

Post by Skitty457 on Sat May 03, 2008 2:13 am

Cool but the party is now over.
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