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alot of glitches Empty alot of glitches

Post by mhd on Mon Mar 31, 2008 9:51 pm

–Double Dance Glitch

This glitch does two dances at the same time - it looks really weird!!

First take off everything (optional: put on other clothes that don’t have a special dance; if you do this, then when you dance these clothes move as if they are throwing a snowball). Then open up your player card and put on any special dance or wave clothes (propeller cap, mining helmet, red/blue face paint, duck inflatable/water wings, clown suit, maracas, coffee/pizza apron, hawaiian lei, etc. Get creative!). but don’t close your player card. Now start dancing or waving and it will look really weird

–Walk on the walls

You can walk on walls and even nothing (if you do it on the mountain)!!!

Go to the Ski mountain and go to bunny hill. Before you get there open up the map. Then when it says would you like to join this game click yes. When you see the scenery start moving in the background, go to the town. Press any key and you might start walking toward the newspaper icon! Then keep clicking down to the snow again and pressing a key alternately so you walk up and down! If you get stuck up in the corner with the newspaper then go to a different room and repeat the steps.

Walking through the beacon light

You can walk through the light in this glitch!

Go to the upper right side of the beacon and click the front of the beacon. You should be standing up against it. Now press = or - and quickly click the front again. You will walk through the light!

–Stand in doorways without going into the room beyond

You can stand in doorways with this glitch

First do the walk on walls glitch. Then go to any doorway and click it. Once you start moving, press w over and over very quickly until you stay still. Don’t move or you will go into the room beyond.

–Time warp glitch

You can make your penguin over 1500 days old! (not permanent though, and will not help new penguins get 30 days old to become an agent)

Right click the time in the bottom right hand corner and click Adjust Date/Time. Now set the year to a year far into the future (e.g., 2025) and go on club penguin. Look at your penguin’s age and it will be very high! (Don’t forget to change the time back when you are done, in order to avoid confusion)

–Log on to 2 accounts at the same time

Self explanatory

First go to your internet browser. Then go to Open up a new window/tab (tabs are for Internet Explorer 7) and go to again in that window/tab. First you log in to club penguin normally (on the first page).

Now go to the second page and click Start. (you must have another penguin name and password saved on the menu) It will say multiple connections detected. Press tab and you should see a yellow box over the first penguin. [DO NOT MOVE THE MOUSE AT THIS POINT]. Keep pressing tab until the yellow box is over the penguin you want and press enter.

After you press enter it should go to the screen with the big rectangle and the password box. It should only stay on this screen for an instant, then it will go to the server screen. Press tab until the yellow box is on the
America server [KEEP THAT MOUSE STILL!] (you need to remember the positions of the country icons), then press enter.

Keep pressing tab until the yellow box is over the server you want (if you want to see yourself on another penguin then choose the same server as the first penguin, then go to the same rooms). If the server you want is on the second or third list of servers, press tab until the yellow box is over the down arrow, then press enter. Once the yellow box is over the server you want, press enter. [HOLD THAT MOUSE STEADY]

To talk, press tab (not too quickly or you might miss it) until a blinking line appears in the chat bar. Then type what you want to say. To send it, press enter.

Tip: if your hand is fast enough, you can “talk to yourself.”

these glitches are soooo great

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alot of glitches Empty Re: alot of glitches

Post by Skitty457 on Mon May 05, 2008 6:21 am

Yep they sure are great Mhd!
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