Easter Egg Hunt!!

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Easter Egg Hunt!! Empty Easter Egg Hunt!!

Post by iRock on Mon Mar 24, 2008 7:01 am

Ok, to get the new bunny ears you have to compete the Egg Hunt. Here are where they are located:

1- In the Mine. It's a light (ceiling) near the enterance to the Pool.

2- Dock, It's near the enterance to Hydro Hopper (its blue and on a wooden post)

3- Pet shop. If you look up by the shelf that reads: Pet Toys. you can see a puffle in a cage (the puffles red), that's the egg.

4- Book Room, aka the Coffee shop Attic. The egg is atop the shelf that has all the books. It's a cactus.

5- In the Gift Shop, there's a poster by the exit/enterance its reads: Dress Up! and has a tux, cane and and hat. That egg is in disguise! Shocked

6- Tricky Egg. I saw mask and thought stage. But it isn't in the stage! It's on the stage. Outside in the Plaza, there's a light (like in the mine) and that's the egg.

7- Lodge Attic. Well, dont be fooled, the egg isn't near the rocking horse. It's in the same room, but it's on the oppisite side of the room. In the box (by the lamp) is that egg!

8- Last egg, In the Dojo. This one, moves! I suggest that you wait until it slides at the top (easiest for me)

-Last Step, Claim Your Prize! Congratz! Very Happy

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Easter Egg Hunt!! Empty Re: Easter Egg Hunt!!

Post by Skitty457 on Sat Apr 19, 2008 1:30 am

Um thanks but Easter is over! Crying or Very sad
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