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Club Penguin Cheats Forum Rules - Please read before posting

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Club Penguin Cheats Forum Rules - Please read before posting Empty Club Penguin Cheats Forum Rules - Please read before posting

Post by Admin on Mon May 05, 2008 11:04 am

Club Penguin Cheat Forum Rules (Updated 12-4-06)

Having fun, helping, and meeting fellow penguins are the guiding principles behind this forum, if you think something you are posting may be rude, upsetting, racist, imflammatory, destructive or offensive, DONT POST IT!

General Rules

1. Do not post porn links or pornagraphic avatars.
2. Do not swear/cuss in your posts.
3. Do not spam.
4. Do not double, and triple post, use the EDIT button.
5. No personal attacks on other users.
6. Posting excessive links to other forums may get you banned.
7. No Advertising (see "Advertising section down)
8. No multiple-accounts allowed.
9. No posing
10. No Post-a-Thons
11. No copy posting
12. No posting of "hacks" in the forum
13. No posting off illegel material includeing game's movie's etc.

If any of these posting rules are broken you will be warned ONLY 1 time, then ultimately banned from the site
Forums are great for constructive comments, getting help, and meeting new friends, so have fun!

If you wish to talk about other topics,do it in the Off Topic section.

Signature Rules

Signature images have no size limit, but be sure that your sig isnt over 500 pixels tall. The sig has a limit of 255 charachters.
Abusive content, flaming, threats, ect, is absolutely forbidden in signatures. The forum admins and mods will make sure your sig is under the rules.

Avatar Rules

Avatars limits are 80x80 pixels and 8kb of size.
They follow the same rules as sigs.


Advertising is forbidden, therefore links to other forums/websites are forbidden.

If you want to be allowed to have a link to another forum in your sig/post/profile you have to contact the admins.

If you post any links without permission they will be removed by mods/admins, so please dont do it.

If you are interested in becomeing a mod, we will need you to first meet these requirements.

- At least 2000 posts (but it is not enough)
- trust from ALL the mods/admins
- Contributed for the improvement of the Forum
- Know how to behave as a moderator and know enough about the rules and CP to help everyone who needs.

Remember, to be a mod, fill these requisits and only then, you may ask to be one.

In closing...

Anyone found abusing of these rules will find their posts/threads containing them, blocked or deleted and in last case, the member will be banned.

This forum is a place for penguins of all shapes and sizes to get along while sharing and learning the latest Club Penguin cheats, secrets, tips, and game glitches.

So have fun, meet new people, learn and share Club Penguin tips, we are glad your here!

Thanks for reading this, please respect these rules.

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