Rockhopper,New Play,and Much More

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Rockhopper,New Play,and Much More Empty Rockhopper,New Play,and Much More

Post by mhd on Sun Apr 13, 2008 9:37 pm

The Pyramid pin is in the Book Room on the table on the right.

The a ‘Quest for the Gold Puffle’ play at the Stage. It’s kinda a parody of Indiana Jones. Nonmembers can buy an Adventure background in the Stage Catalog.

There is a note on the door of Rockhopper’s room in the Ship Hold. It basically say’s to help with the Flare Flinger.

Click the note in G’s pocket in the newspaper for a secret message. The code says to turn all the puffles black to unlock the file. Once unlocked, it is a letter from the Polar bear from the last mission saying he will be coming back soon.

Rockhopper’s Journal has been added to the Library in the Book Room.

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Rockhopper,New Play,and Much More Empty Re: Rockhopper,New Play,and Much More

Post by Skitty457 on Mon May 05, 2008 6:38 am

Well this is kinda a bit old now coz there will be a new play next week yay!
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